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  • Серия MSS
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Производитель: Великобритания
Вертикальный мультифазный насос серии MSS
Основные технические характеристики:

Manufactured almost entirely from stainless steel, which are precision pressed and welded to form efficient hydraulic components. MSS pumps are highly efficient and economical.


  • All stainless steel construction
  • Quiet operation
  • Compact size
  • Single mechanical seal
  • High efficiency hydraulic design
  • Stable head-flow curves for parallel operation


  • Flanges in-line to simplify pipe layout.
  • Suction and discharge pipes are both on the bottom half of the casing, allowing the pump to be maintained without disturbing the pipework
  • Low Nett Positive Suction Head protects the pump from cavitation damage
  • Non-overloading power characteristics

Operating range

  • Discharge flange sizes up to 100 mm
  • Maximum flowrate 22 l/sec
  • Max generated pressure 400 metres at 2900 rpm
  • Temperature range -15o C to 120o C
  • Standard working pressure 16 bar (oval flange design) and 25 bar (circular flange design) [1]

[1] MSS6 working pressure 40 bar


  • Utilities: Water treatment and distribution
  • Building services: Jockey pumps for pressure maintenance, booster duties and for boiler feed water
  • Industrial: Vehicle washing plant, high pressure water supply
  • Process and chemical works: Water transfer, cooling water supply and general services
  • Horticulture and golf course watering.

Operating pressure

Standard pumps are capable of a working pressure of 16 bar or 25 bar depending on the flange arrangement, and are all hydrostatically tested upon assembly to 24 bar or 37.5 bar respectfully. MSS6 pumps are designed for 40 bar working pressure.

Mechanical seal

Carbon/Ceramic/EP single seal or Carbon/Silicon Carbide/EP single seal depending on the number of stages. Refer to page 2.


Pumps are generally supplied  with a 3 phase electric motor. Single phase motors are available up to 2.2 kW. Alternative motor makes and specifications are readily available, including pump and motor combinations for 60 hz operation.


All parts of the pump coming into contact with the pumped liquid are of stainless steel.

Impellers, diffusers and sleeve:

  • 304 SS Shafts
  • 303 SS Bushes and spacers
  • 303 SS Base plate and motor adaptor
  • Cast iron O ring gaskets
  • EP rubber

Pumps are also available in 316 stainless steel.

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