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  • Серия TBN
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Производитель: Великобритания
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Apex TBN belt drive pumps are single stage end suction pumps supplied with an electric motor. The complete range comprises 37 different pump sizes, making the range one of the most comprehensive series of pumps available. Details of the pump type and model, serial number and operating data are indicated on the pump nameplate.

Apex TBN belt drive pumps are specifically designed for building services applications, circulating hot and cold water within buildings, and are suitable for continuous pumping of clean water, with fine solids content not exceeding 200 ppm. The belt drive feature allows the speed of the pump to be adjusted by changing the pulley ratios, giving the operator the flexibility to tune the system for best efficiency.

For pumps fitted with the standard mechanical seal, the maximum temperature of the pumped liquid is 120 deg C.

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