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Производитель: Великобритания
Горизонтальный мультифазный насос серии MH
Основные технические характеристики:

Apex multistage pumps are specifically designed for operation in buildings, with virtually no noise or vibration.

Horizontal units are supplied complete with bedplate, coupling, guard and electric motor. Diesel driven units can also be supplied.

The multistage design, using several impellers in series, generates high pressure from the pump while running at low speed for quiet operation.

Capable of handling clean water, seawater and other liquids with similar properties.


  • Fresh water transfer in high rise buildings
  • Flushing water transfer
  • Tank make-up pumps
  • Booster pumps
  • Wet and dry riser pumps
  • Irrigation
  • Chilled water circulation pumps
  • Marine and shipboard service
  • Swimming pool and water feature

Operating data

  • Flow rates up to 50 l/sec
  • Head up to 250 metres
  • Temperature -100C to +900C


Horizontal centrifugal multistage pump of ring section design. The sections, comprising an impeller and diffuser, are held together by generously proportioned tie-bars.

The impellers are arranged in series on a common shaft. As liquid passes through the pump, its pressure is increased at each impeller stage. The shaft is supported by a grease lubricated deep groove ball bearing at each end of the shaft.

Electric motors

Apex MH pumps are supplied with a TEFC IP55 electric motor. Alternative motors are available upon request.


The pump pressure containing parts are cast in a variety of materials, selected  to suit the working pressure of the pump, and to be compatible with the liquid being handled. Standard materials are:

  • Cast iron
  • Ductile iron
  • Cast 316 Stainless steel
  • Cast bronze
  • Zinc Free bronze


Standard flanges are drilled to the British Standard BS4504, with pressure rating to suit the specific application:

  • BS4504 PN16 | 16 bar working pressure
  • BS4504 PN25 | 25 bar working pressure
  • BS4504 PN40 | 40 bar working pressure


A shaft seal is fitted to prevent leakage of high pressure water at the points where the shaft enters the pump body. The standard seal is gland packing, using several rings of cotton/graphite. Mechanical seals are also widely used in a variety of different arrangements to suit the application and to meet customer's preferences.

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