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Производитель: Великобритания
Моноблочный насос серии ТС
Основные технические характеристики:

One of the broadest ranges of pumps available from any British manufacturer, with discharge sizes from 32 mm to 250 mm.

Widest choice of materials of construction and options to suit many industrial and building services specific requirements. Stainless steel pumps built from stock components.

Competitively priced and manufactured from components held in stock, with reliable prompt deliveries.

Capable of handling clean water, seawater, solvents, chemicals and other liquids with similar properties.

All pumps are manufactured strictly to ISO 9001 quality control standards.


  • Water supply
  • Cooling water
  • Air conditioning
  • Heating circulation
  • Industrial liquids and chemicals
  • Seawater
  • Oils, solvents and process liquids
  • Drinking and potable water
  • Aqua-culture
  • Electrophoretic paint

Operating data

  • Flow rates up to 300 l/sec
  • Head up to 160 metres
  • Temperature -20 degC to +130 degC


Close coupled horizontal single stage end-suction pump with performance and key dimensions in accordance with DIN 24255 standard. The back-pull-out construction allows the pump to be dismantled without disturbing the suction and discharge pipework. Impellers are fully shrouded closed design, with double curvature vanes for optimum efficiency and good suction performance. Vortex design semi-open impellers are also available on some sizes.

Electric motors

Apex TC pumps are supplied with a TEFC IP55 electric motor. Alternative motors including Eexd flameproof motors are readily available.


The pump pressure containing parts are cast in a variety of materials, selected  to suit the working pressure of the pump, and to be compatible with the liquid being handled. Available materials are:

  • Cast iron
  • Ductile iron
  • Cast 316 Stainless steel
  • Cast bronze
  • Cast steel
  • Specialist steels eg Duplex, Hastalloy


Standard flanges are drilled to the British Standard BS4504, with pressure rating to suit the specific application:

  • BS4504 PN16 | 16 bar working pressure
  • BS4504 PN25 | 25 bar working pressure
  • BS4504 PN40 | 40 bar working pressure

ANSI standard flanges drilled to 150 lb or 300 lb ratings and all other standards are available on request.


The standard arrangement is a single mechanical seal. Double seals, cartridge seals and packed gland seals can be fitted to suit the application and to meet customers' preferences.

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